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    The CD VERSION features 11 main songs and 6 "soundscapes" which weave into one another, very similarly to how the band plays their songs at shows.
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    11 main songs (all mixed as singles - not weaving into one another)
    7 "soundscapes"
    8 Early Demos
    11 main songs as instrumentals
    6 Acoustic Demos
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    RELESSER: (re-less-er, Anglo-French root of the word "release").
    Modern Rock / Electronica Hybrid.
    The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist / songwriter, Asche, RELESSER's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing. “If Metallica & Lady GaGa had a baby, this is what it might sound like.” Asche's music under the name "Autumn's Descent" has been heard around the world through licensing into movies and in TV shows on MTV & VH1, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, the WB, A&E, the NFL Network, & Disney. After doing studio work and remixes for other artists since 2006, RELESSER became a live performance entity in 2012.
    "Why did it take 4 years for your debut album to come out?" The 11 main songs, 7 soundscapes, 6 acoustic versions, 8 demos, and 11 instrumentals showcase what RELESSER was working on from Fall 2012 through the Spring of 2016. The band wrote and recorded demos and then took the songs on the road to refine them at festivals across the Midwest U.S. The main 11 songs and Soundscapes are meant to function as a concept album. The acoustic and early demos of the songs sometimes cast a different light on the songs and their moods.
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This album is about identity. And failure. And learning. And then finally finding identity; who we are meant to be.
When we recognize and claim our identity in the risen Christ, we stop identifying our worth through fame, money (or lack there of), political affiliation, sexuality, depression, illness, addiction, and abuse. It’s wonderful that the God who will eventually destroy all wickedness loves us enough to provide a way out eternal death: by repenting and following Jesus. - RELESSER
“I think the reason we sometimes have a false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put Him. We have kept Him at a distance, and then when we are in need and call on Him in prayer, we wonder where He is. He is exactly where we left Him.” – Ravi Zacharias
“I claim my inheritance as a child of God; a follower of the risen Christ! I stand with His authority and power! I rebuke the evil that has plagued my life to this point. I call upon Almighty God and ask You to forgive me of this wretched, selfish, sinful life which has ultimately caused me pain and hurt those I love. I want to turn and follow You, Jesus. As I pray this to You now, help me not to fall back into old dysfunctional but comfortable patterns. Please break my hardened heart and remove my pride. Please put people in my path who will disciple me, help me find answers to my questions, help keep me accountable, help me grow in my new life with You, and most of all – show Your love to me. Give me a hunger and thirst for You, oh Lord! I thank You and praise You for saving me from hell. Hell is where evil is destroyed. And knowing I am sinful beyond measure and cannot do anything to earn Your favor, I am so grateful for Your sacrifice in my place. And for that, I love You with all my being. Amen.”


released June 17, 2016

Recorded at AD Windblown Digital Studios – Indianapolis
Produced by Asche for AD Windblown Media Recordings
Engineered & Mastered by Asche & Tyler Moberly

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RELESSER Indianapolis, Indiana

RELESSER's music fuses strong melodies with interweaving guitar crunch and electronic synth & sequencing.

After doing studio work and remixes for other artists since 2006, RELESSER became a live performance entity in 2012.

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Track Name: Invocation
We call upon Your Name
Descend upon this place
We offer up our praise
Fill this place
Track Name: Awakening
Failure surrounds me on every side
All of my efforts seem to have died

Piercing the darkness You take hold of me
I can see now who You know I can be

You light this fire inside of me
I’m broken now but I can see
My fear and doubt have been erased
I am alive! I am awake!

I was so blinded by so many lies
Broken and hurting from my compromise
My regrets have cast a spell on my soul
My only chance is to release control

Your light! Your love! Your Truth revealed!
Track Name: Resistance
You say it’s in my head
You say my sense is dead
Chosen path of stupidity
You deny what you don’t see

So smart that you have missed
Shown love that you dismissed
Blinded by hypocrisy
Your belief you justify

Anything to calm the fears
Take for granted what you hear

Leaning into the sun
Behind the lies they stand against us
Fight until it’s done
Pushing on we are resistance

Violence bleeds a lack of faith
Looking for one to take the blame
It’s everything that we can’t take
You’ve let the anger turn to hate

After all that we’ve been through you say
‘Can’t you see He’s abandoned you?’
It’s when I’ve got nothing left to lose I find
He’s always at my side

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth
Track Name: Enough
It’s never enough - It’s never satisfying
It’s never enough - And it kills me inside

It never hits me ‘till I’m face down on the floor again
Excuses that I made have brought me to my knees
Always wondering what this hell inside is doing here
I bought the lie and now I’ve lost a part of me

I keep on running but I find my way back here again
I keep on trying but I can’t make it too far
On my own I’m breaking down in my futility
My efforts show that I am weak, despite my scars

This world has got a hold and I can’t seem to remedy
I’ve lost my way but I can always see Your face
You’re reaching down and picking up the pieces of my life
My hope is resting in the hollow of Your hand

But You are enough – And I took for granted
That You are enough – And You won’t forsake me now

You took this pain I’m causing
You took the shame I’m feeling
You took away my burden
You took this suffering I caused You
You took the blame I placed
You took the punishment
And chose to forgive
Track Name: Forfeit
I’m in this place again
And I’ve taken all I can
Building up my regrets
While running from Your plans

How long will I fail You?
How deep will I fall?
I fall…

Holding onto my pain
Drowning in my faults
It’s not so complicated
I need to give You all

I know You’ll take this from me
If I ask You to
I’ve hurt like this for so long
I’ve hurt like this for too long
Track Name: Worthwhile
The glory in the end is worth the struggle

Whispered in my ear – the temptation is sweet
And I’d like nothing more than to indulge this hunger
I am fighting always ever struggling just to make it farther
I am trying just to make it, just to make a little longer
I will never, I will never let him get control of me
Giving in is not the life, it’s not the life You have for me

Frustration stares me in the eye
Hanging on every second
Haunted by trials I faced before
My failures won’t define me

My path is shaken – I’m pushing through
This road forsake – I follow You

Call attention to the weakness in my armor
Thinks he can exploit it but I’m growing stronger
I am reaching, ever reaching for the greatness inside me
Take me further, ever further than the plans I have for me
For Your plans are not my plans and for Your ways are not my ways
And giving into sin is not the life You have for me

The way is dark and I won’t back down
The glory in the end is worth the struggle
Track Name: Arson
We’re reaching out into the darkness
We shift the view 180 degrees
We light the fuse for detonation
And watch the flames consume humanity

Have you heard the call?
Your awakening
Yes we hear the call:
Repent and receive

Burn me down to the ashes
Fuel my heart with Your passion

We’ve seen the face of human failure
The cult of self demands your bended knee
You’ve been suckered in to blindness
It’s time to rise against our enemy

Too many lost in misdirection
Too many souls who think their sin keeps them free
God, bring the flame of Revelation
Reveal Yourself to all and we shall be free!
Track Name: Trust
I’m trying to make sense
In all of this conflict
Trapped in my weakness

Even in darkness
When I am broken
I trust You completely

Waiting patiently for the echoes of the melody
Changing everything I perceive in me
To recognize who I’m meant to be

I see You now for who You really are
When I have none, I find my strength in You
Track Name: Dwell
Oh God, I’m tired - I’m tired of this lie
Nothing but vanity is in my life
For all my efforts, I cannot attain
The prize that is Your glory
I struggle in vain

Without You I’m nothing
I have nothing

I am Yours to dwell in
Make me pure and sacred

You are the purpose to that which I seek
And You are the healer
So come deliver me
Track Name: Recreate
I’ve just discovered who I really am
And You’ve been waiting patiently for me to understand

And You know this pain that I’m holding inside
And You know this guilt that’s been eating me alive
I want to let it all go
Come make me into who I’m meant to be

Recreate me now, I need to feel alive

You love me as I am, despite all the things I’ve done
I want to mirror who You are so I fulfill Your plans for me

And I’ve been feeding destruction for so long –
Diving into things that left me empty
And I know You can heal this broken heart
Come make me into who I’m meant to be

And I fall down at Your feet for what You’ve done for me
Track Name: Doxology
We call upon Your Name
You’re with us in this place
We offer up our praise
All for You

How long, oh Lord, will you forget me?
How long, oh Lord, will you hide from me?
Must I keep this sorrow in my soul?

Light my eyes up lest they see death
Lest they rejoice for I am shaken
Answer me, oh Lord my God!

You are my God
You are my everything
You are my God
I give You everything

I have trusted – Your love is faithful
My heart rejoices in Your salvation
I will sing to you, oh my King!

This world will hate You – They’ll rise against You
Through persecution, they’ll see Your glory
One day they’ll bow to you, oh my King!

I can feel You reaching out now
Take my life and make it Yours now
I can feel You reaching out now
Take my life and make it Yours

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